Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HAPPY Dhanteras / Dhanvantari Triyodashi

Wish every reader and well wisher a very happy Dhanteras ( Start of the Deepavali)... Festival of lights. Dhanteras is considered as the start of the festival of light and as per rituals we go out and buy new ornaments or utensils and pray to Ma Lakshmi for WEALTH.

It is indeed SAD as how we have deviated from the actual aspect to something more materialistic in this Kaliyug. 

If we go back to the time when GOD and DEMON churned the GREAT OCEAN to get the GEMS, it was today ( 13th of the krishna paksha) that LORD DHANVANTRI appeared with the elixir (amrit) in his hand. He is said to be the father of medicine, who gave ayurveda to the world. He is also said to be the first surgeon.

On this very day the boon of HEALTH was bestowed to the world like the saying goes.... HEALTH is WEALTH.

Actually as per what i have researched and learned we need to pray to the great GOD and GODDESS to bless us with good health which would eventually bring all kind of prosperity in our life.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


If today I sit and think about WHO AM I -  starting from the day I was born - I really feel
I was born as a consciousness TO GROW but what am I today?
At birth the normal assumption is that the ordinary state of consciousness is natural
or given to me by default. A more accurate conceptualization would be that my ordinary
consciousness is semi arbitrary constructed because I am born as a human being with
certain kind of body and nervous system operating in this environment of earth. I begin
my life with potential access to the wide spectrum of human potentialities which
 included learning of different languages, formats, cultures, knowledge, to travel in the
altered state of consciousness, enhance our paranormal abilities etc.. Though I get a
set back due to the genetic limitations but the cultural limitations imposes on ME are
of greater risk.
I am not born and raised in isolation but as a member of a particular culture. 
A culture is something that

a) has decided that certain human potential are good so cultivate them.
b) has decided that certain human potential are bad so block them.
c) is ignorant of the other vast number of human capabilities and potential and thus
fail to develop them due to disuse.

As an infant there are number of human potentials available when my parents start the
enculturing process, many potentialities remain latent to be explored and learned later
but some are totally blocked due to point (b) as stated above. But if I see I could have
learned that non-mother tongue language much easier and faster when I was an infant if
it was a part of my cultural growth.
Out of the vast set of potentialities that I was born with TODAY when i have passed my
childhood and adulthood are relatively small. I am a beneficiary of my culture selection
in term of my strength.
I function reasonably well within the consensus reality defined by the culture but very
poorly outside the culture boundaries.
I emphasize that the state of my consciousness in adulthood is semi arbitrary as I must
all have the minimum survival qualities in term of the physical world but since most of
my life is now spent in the conscious reality of our social world, which reality varies
hugely across cultures...this is very arbitrary.
The higher paranormal functions is largely residing among the latent potentials rather
than among the conscious developed in the culture. Most of us though born with the
higher consciousness... higher abilities cannot use them on will as they fall in the
point (c) as stated above.
If I see this enculturation process has built a large number of semi arbitrary
psychological structures which act as barriers beyond which it is difficult to venture,
thus I am  tied in the barrier of language, skills, emotional reactions etc.
As said it is difficult to venture outside these boundaries but it is not impossible even
though when at adulthood the conscious structure is defined and shaped. We need to show
some inner strength to break these boundaries and move towards the higher horizon.
If you are a parent of a young child you know where to start your OWN PROGRESS of


Sunday, June 8, 2014


As per the ancient TAO tradition it is stated that the 5 main emotions of the person are connected with the 5 vital organs of the body. Any disturbance in the organ would effect the connected emotion and the eruption of any emotion would effect the organ. 
The very simple example is
When a person is in deep fear, he/she develops dark circles, the area below the eyes are connected with KIDNEY as per Nadi(energy) shashtra.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


As the law of thermodynamics say "Energy can neither be created not be destroyed but can be changed from one form to another" and the same was proved by Einstein by his world famous formula E=mc2. 
If the above law stay true then as we all know that what ever is there in or outside of us is ENERGY. The Human Body is made up of energy and even the paranormal world would also be a composition of energy.
So the big question comes.. if we apply the law of thermodynamics to the principle of DEATH what would we get... quite interesting...
The Human Body is a form of energy and when DEATH is applied to this body a transformation takes place on the energy level.
Body is transformed into Spirit
Thus if we reverse engineer SPIRIT we get HUMAN.

The other big question that comes now is that do we fear fellow human being? If NO then why do we need to fear the SPIRIT WORLD.

Question yourself and get back with your doubts.