Monday, June 9, 2008

First breath of life

I am here just trying to put my journey towards the center of ME / LIFE in words (though it is really difficult, until you actually feel the essence), which is the reason i titled my blog as forgotten life essence. I think if i am able to at least make a single soul happy and take him towards the center of LIFE / ONESELF, the reason of my birth would be full filled.

I am here not to preach, i just want to share and discuss my thoughts and views of life from the angle i have discovered it.


Parents are very happy today to hear that there is a new member who would be joining the family tree very soon, but were any of the parents spiritually so sound to hear the first essence of the breath they are rejoicing off:

1. Who is the creator of the first breath ?
2. What is the essence which adds up the breath to form a complete life?
3. Why does the new life wants to enter the earth's atmosphere?
4. What is the meaning of Life?
5. Why does this new life wants to come under my family tree?

There are many questions apart from the few listed above which if we think, would not take us any where. So does that mean the question of life, death and life are imagination or does it actually hold some truth towards the growth of human race fighting for liberation (Moksha).

Would any one of us ever realize the importance of life or the purpose of one being born....again?

The same questions emerged in my mind when i was just a teenager, so along with the ongoing life process i took a parallel path towards spirituality and started the exploration of the actual world within one self. This journey is a on going process and i keep on adding the milestones that i cross everyday.

Now there is a question as "why exploring within one self", where in, the actual meaning of freedom / liberation lies in the commitment / devotion towards GOD or the DIVINE POWER.

All the religions that are preached across the world today have the same answer to the above question, it might be the case that the method of presentation is different but the end result comes the same.

eg 1: In one of the sacred hindu books, Lord Krishna says "AHAM BRAHMASMI" by which Lord Krishna wanted to say to the world that, its you who is the creator of oneself and to get united with the divine, you should be one with yourself.

eg 2: The Westerd sacred books also say "YOU HAVE A DIVINE SPARK WITHIN YOU", which means the same, you are the essence of the DIVINE himself and to get to him you have to see the SPARK first.

I would here like to discuss the FIRST BREATH OF LIFE which means to discuss the meaning of life and why are we born. There could be "n" number of answers to the above question but according to my spiritual development, the answer to the above question lies in 3 facts.

1. To learn the lessons we should learn.
2. To neutralize the KARMA cycle (give and take).
3. To unite with the DIVINE SPARK so that we can end the process of life - death - life.

In my next blog i would discuss the process of a soul (who is wandering in the cosmic plane ) getting a physical body and the reasons of it coming back again to the Earth plane.


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