Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today i would like to share a very deep teaching that is present in almost all the religion and would also try to decipher the same, as it is well know that what ever is there in all the religions, maximum is encoded(something simple but with deeper knowledge)

THE SEVEN - This is number that is very auspicious in terms with all the religions and the proof for the same is below

The seven churches of Christian Bible
The seven spirits of Egyptian Religion
The seven Angles of the Chaldeans
The seven Gates of Hindu Religion
The seven Sephiroth of Hebrew Kabala
The seven Ameshaspantas of Zoroastrians
The seven Archangles of revelation
etc etc.....

So what is there actually that is hidden under this SEVEN.

Not going too far we need to look inside US to find the answer to the same.
There are main SEVEN chakras in the human body that are essential for the proper being of the physical self. It is said that if these SEVEN chakras are purified one can easily be united with the divine above or divine within.

There are main SEVEN layer of AURA or the energy body around the physical one that cannot be seen with the naked eyes but yes it has been proved by ESP or Kirlian photography. It is again said that if these SEVEN layers are kept clean and purified one can easily be united with the divine above or divine within.

The same SEVEN in numerology is connected with the vertical connection between the material and spiritual world.

So does that actually mean what ever SEVEN represents in and across the religion lies within us and not somewhere outside.

Once during a meet with a huge gathering a Indian Saint once said:
The only difference between you and me is that i have seen the divinity within me and you have not.

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