Monday, October 19, 2009

Ayurvedic Prakruti

After a long gap i am back with my part of knowledge sharing...... I would like to describe and share about the Prakriti from Ayurveda point of view and the Tridosha that are formed from the same.

According to the great vedic science of Ayurveda, a human body is one of the three times or a mixture of the three. The three divisions that are made are : 1. VATA 2. PITTA 3. KAPHA

All the problems that happens to the physical body are due to the excess of any one of the above or due to the imbalance of the prakruti..... these are termed as DOSHA and as there are three main divisions so it is explained under the heading of TRIDOSHA (three dosha)

I have tried to explain in short about the prakriti which is as below:

1. "Vata" is the combination of "space and air". This dosha is responsible for movement of fluid and air within the body including blood circulation and breathing. An exaggerated Vata causes insomnia and constipation etc. People who have a lot of vata in their constitution may have a lighter frame, be tall and thin and may have dark brown or gray eyes. An individual with a balanced vata may be described as creative, enthusiastic and lively.

2. "Pitta" is the "fire" of the body. It's responsible for the body's heat and metabolism. Too much Pitta in the body leads to a fiery disposition. It can also cause anger, ulcers, temperature, indigestion, acidity and balding etc. People who have a lot of pitta may have average build and light-colored eyes. They have a warm personality, and the qualities of intelligence and determination.

3. "Kapha dosha" is the "body's cement". A combination of "water and earth" elements, the Kapha is supposedly responsible for holding the body together. Too much of it can cause weight gain as well as allergies, bone related issues and congestion etc. People represents calmness, sweetness and loyalty.

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