Saturday, April 26, 2014

New section of knowledge

Since October 2009 i had been into the self space of my own soul to get something more... The universe what is see is just a small part of the huge cosmos and the reality is much more beyond as what we can imagine. Since so many years i was trying to decode and learn and gain knowledge about these hidden aspects of the world.
The most hidden and kept in the darkest corner of the section is the world of ParaNormal.
I am very glad to share with you some of the knowledge which i gained in these years in the world of ParaNormal or the GHOST WORLD.

PARANORMAL as a word was first used anywhere between 1915 to 1920 which means any experience that lie outside the boundaries of scientific explanation.

Dictionary meaning for PARANORMAL is : very strange and not able to be explained by what scientists know about nature and the world.

PARANORMAL is made of two words : PARA + NORMAL

PARA means something beyond or above
NORMAL means something which is in the circumference of scientific explanation.
In simple world anything about which we are not aware of or about what we do not have the complete knowledge is termed under Paranormal? (correct me if i am wrong)

It is said that the world drives on the principle of duality (+ve & -ve / male & female / good & bad) and we all believe in this theory. If YES then why do we step back when the duality of GOD & DEVIL comes. We hear people saying that they believe in GOD but there is no existence of DEVIL (the principle of duality fails) the balance are disturbed. If we believe in the supernatural power of the good (GOD) then we need to give a thought about the other aspect also. 

PARA means something above or beyond.... it does not always mean the darkest aspect... then what?
Stay with me to know more.

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