Tuesday, April 29, 2014


BRAIN - The most complicated organ in a human body and that is the reason the last century is know as the brain century since medical science is behind understanding and decoding the working of the BRAIN. 
*How can so much information be stored/retrieved at the correct time?
*Why is that someone is fearful about a thing and other is not?
*How is fear induced and transferred across the body?

Quite interesting to know that the actual fear is resided inside some part of the brain and as in scientists decode the events they are categorized under different PHOBIA's

The most common phobia apart from the fear of death that haunts a person is Phasmo-Phobia i.e the fear of ghosts.
95 out of 100 people can be diagnosed with this phobia.

Most of us feel excited hearing to the ghost stories and even discuss on the topic but then why is that some section has a quite lot of fear about this subject. Is this something to do with our belief system or something to do with our religion or the way we are brought up?

The other point that could be considered is that the people suffering from Phasmophobia might have the capacity of MAGICAL THINKING(visualizing any event so strong that it appears to be true).

Checking about this aspect i something think that are all the victims who says are haunted by ghosts are actual victims or its the play of the brain that is happening. Does the society take them properly or are seen with just one angle.

We need to break the shackles of the past and the upbringing to come to the light and out of fear to see that the society is a good place and there is nothing to worry about a handful of people who make you believe that you are paranormally affected.

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