Sunday, April 27, 2014


What do you see in the picture about?
* Clouds
* Animals
* Dinosaurs
* Demons
* Angels
* Fighting Bear

Seeing figures and faces in normal objects or things due to their placement or pattern is called as PAREIDOLIA. It is made of of two words
PARA - Above or Beyond
EIDOLIA - Image or Form

Seeing the image of God and Goddess in Clouds/Tree/Toasts/sand etc is the most common form of pareidolia.
Initially it was thought to be symptoms of psychosis but now it is considered as a normal human tendency where the brain plays a scene which matches patterns in the objects that we see.
The simplest test for this is to splatter ink on the table and let people come up with the images that they see in that pattern, it is really surprising that how the brains plays such a trick. The brain matches the patter of the ink splattered on the table with something that you have seen and remembered in the past. A FACE :)

Pareidolia is a type of Apophenia(unmotivational seen of pattern in unwanted data)

This is the main phenomenon that people get excited and term a place or image as paranormal. For example a person visits a place for the first time and in the dark shade of light he sees a curtain folded in a certain pattern and his brain decodes that pattern to be a face of an old bald man. Over and above this when he finds that the place was actually owned by an old bald man his brain stamps that place as haunted.
The place is haunted with the soul of the owner of the house who does not want to leave the house and would harm the people coming near that place. ( this is how many of the stories are formed.... what was the base.... a curtain seen in dark)

People out there who are troubled with paranormal activities and who see faces and objects out in thin air should sit, relax and train their mind to distinguish between real and patterned data. The day they are able to clear this, i am 100% sure they would come to realize it was PAREIDOLIA which played tricks ....

In the coming posts we would see and discuss some more of these kind of habits which produces false alarm of being HAUNTED.

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