Thursday, June 4, 2009

Energy Channels (NADIS)

I opened the news paper today to find the number of ways that can be used to save fuel, as this is the main resource for the proper functioning of the major machinery specially your own car. Reading the article a question appeared in my mind - It is said that the human body is the best machinery that is ever designed, so what is the fuel that is needed by this machinery for the proper day to day activities and what is the way the fuel is carried across this human machine.

With the blessing of the almighty, and the knowledge that i gained from cultures like Hinduism and TAO i would like to share here with you all what is the fuel that makes this human body operate and what are energy channels.

According to all the traditions it is the LIFE FORCE that makes the physical body work, as FUEL is required for a vehicle to operate, so this is the FUEL for the physical us to operate.
As per ayurveda this FUEL is explained as VATHA.
As per GITA this is said to be a force that would journey to the moon, sun and then the cosmos.
Thus PRANA is the FUEL for the human body

Now for this FUEL to circulate in the physical us we require some pathways, similar to circulating pipelines in a vehicle, so where is the circulating circuit in our system, how does PRAN shakti move from one part of us to other, the answer to this is NADIS (Energy channels)

As per YOGIC tradition there are 72,000 nadis(circulating blood along with PRANA) and among them 10 are most important, out of which i would put forward some details of the 3 main nadis which are most important and connected with PRANA transmission only.

1. Sushumana (Spinal Cord) : The spinal cord in Sanskrit is called as SUSHUMANA it basically describes the main NADI, this is the main path prana needs to move across us. According to "Brahma Vidyopanishad" this nerve start from the lower part of the spine and reaches the brain. It is also said that all the 72,000 nerves that starts from the base and pass through the cord to reach the brain.
The Kundalini(SERPENT) energy is situated at the base of the spine.

2. Ida (Moon): This nadi starts from the base of the spine and reaches left nostril after passing across the spinal cord and the left hemisphere of the brain. Some of the vibrations all effect the well being of the heart. This Nadi gives cooling effect to the physical body as that is the reason it is connected with MOON.

3. Pingala (Sun): This nadi starts from the base of the spine and reaches the right nostril after passing across the spinal cord and the right hemisphere of the brain. This Nadi gives heating effect to the physical body as that it is the reason is connected with SUN.

Now coming to what BHAGWAT GITA meant to say : force that would journey to the moon(IDA), sun(PINGALA) and then the cosmos(KUNDALINI).

The above stated are the 3 main nadis that need to be known to all who are there in this spiritual path and to add to it what is described below should also be known to the seeker of this path.

There is something more that TAO culture likes to share with all the spiritual souls, which is as below

There are two more important energy channels (total 32) known as the GOVERNOR CHANNEL (du mai) and FUNCTIONAL CHANNEL(ren mai)

Governor Channel - starts from the back side of the perineum point (Anus) flows up the spine and end at the mouth palate.
Functional Channel - starts from the tip of the tongue till the front part of the perineum point(Anus) flowing down the front of the body.

This explains the circuit of the physical us in energy form.

The governor channel and the functional channel form a circuit but this circuit is not complete as it is open at two point (1. mouth - gap between palate and tongue 2. Perinium opening). So how do we connect this circuit, for this we need the knowledge of KECHRI MUDRA.

For activation of the DIVINE us the 3 nadis should be clear and the circuit should be complete.

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