Friday, June 26, 2009


The process of looking inside is called Meditation. Mediate from the material world and move inside is the goal of meditation. If we scientifically see during meditation we reach an ALPHA state where in the mind calms down to a point where there are ZERO thought forms which eventually relaxes the physical body.

The basic meditations that can be performed on a daily basis are:
The first for of meditation is where the goal is to clear your mind of all external thoughts and allow your mind to go blank for as long as you can. This is a basic but very important form of meditation used for relaxation.

Another form of meditation is a focused meditation in which you focus upon a specific object for a length of time, ridding your mind of all other thoughts and concentrating upon the object solely. This meditation helps you learn to focus and also helps develop concentration.

Meditation is a technique for deep relaxation to heal the body, quiet the mind, create inner peace, harmony and balance through focus and awareness. For relaxation and stress reduction, healing and health techniques, pain management, life improvement, psychic visions ,channeling, and mediumship. Techniques can range from a very simple relaxation exercise to in depth guided imagery and self healing.

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