Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mantra as a WORD

According to Hindu Vedas - in the start there was a sound (AUM) and the resonance of which created the world.

According to the New Testament (John 1.1-2) - In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD.

According to ISLAM - It is the 99 names(Word) of ALLAH that brought in the creation of the world and helps in attaining love and humanity.

If we see we have every religion saying something about the WORD and these holy WORDS are nothing but the MANTRA. Mantra is a phonetic group of words that produce specific SOUND.

Mantra is a energy-based sounds which has the capability to change the subtle vibrations. It is known that the entire universe is made up of 5 elements (water,fire,ether,air,earth) and the mantra have the power to balance the 5 elements and provide peace and happiness.

Though the mantra's are tough to pronounce and understand but if it is not understood that does not mean it is not working, these work on the subtly layer of the physical self and the results are seen sooner or later depending on the devotion. It is similar to the pills given by the doctor whose chemical composition we do not know but yes we get well during the course. Though the chemical composition of the pills cannot be understood easily but yes the meaning of the mantra unfold during the course of practice.

Some mantras that can be used on daily basis are:

OM - This is the BEEJ mantra as per the Hindu scripture, without the use of OM there is no mantra that is said to be complete. This is the mantra from which everyone evolved.

99 NAMES OF ALLAH - This is a very powerful mantra in its self, the vibrations can be felt instantly.

OM MANI PADME HUM - Yet another very power ful mantra straight from the heart of BUDDHA. This mantra is very powerful if used during meditation.

SOHAM - This is the natural mantra that is flowing inside every human being and many of us are not aware of the same. While we inhale there is a subtle sound (SO) and when we exhale the subtle sound that is produced is (HAM). This mantra is practiced during the initial stages of meditation. It is very helpful in calming down the brain activities.

Mantra are not religious in term but they are open and everyone has the right to practice the mantra that suits them the best. It was the HINDUS who penned down SOHAM, the mantra related to the breath, this does not mean the anyone who is not an Hindu should stop breathing.

This is the nectar of the soul that is FORGOTTEN in the phase of time.

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