Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why are we BORN

While traveling to the depth of LIFE the major hurdle that come is actually from the LIFE. I still remember a young lad during my travel across to a defined destination asking me " Why are we born on EARTH, is there no other place to be born at, if not then what is the reason behind the birth?"
The question can be waved off in thin air without giving it a notice, but when we are sitting alone and this same question arises in our mind we are bound to think over it again and again and without even knowing the young lad from whom the question originated we always tend to place our self on his place to ask it again and again.
We see everyone around us but we find it very difficult to get an exact replica of the self in every situation, no two humans have the same criteria of living here, so what is it that we come here for and how come everyone has different roles to play?

Looking into the same question from spiritual point of view, we can say
1. To balance the equation of GIVE and TAKE and clear our balance sheet with others- When we use a credit card we pay the amount back to the bank either as a one time payment or divide the amount in small installments. Taking this as an example we can say that we have taken this life form as a credit from the DIVINE and we have to pay it back. During our stay here we do good as well as bad things which are credited to our account that either plays as late fee charges or some bonus free gifts. The moment we have cleared our credit we leave this form. If we have some extra late fee added to our account we come back again to the same plane but in a different form to clear it.

2. To make a clear progress towards truth with control of mind and attaining salvation- Taking the above credit card example here also, if we use the card properly and as per actual need we can say we have the control on the card that is our MIND which is not wandering as in the former case. Once we have the control on the usage of the credit that we accumulate we can clear our debts to the earliest and move out from the race of life and death to attain the highest life along with the divine.

Coming back and born again on the same PLANE that is earth is bit difficult to answer as we are not aware of the existence of any other place till date, but taking ahead the example of the credit card we can say that if suppose we take credit from a bank A, we cannot pay bank B the amount, in the similar way we have to come back to EARTH where we have actually planted our deeds to nullify them.

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