Monday, July 6, 2009

Why we DIE

After the question of Why we are BORN, the question comes as Why we DIE. As discussed in the last post where we have seen the few reasons for the soul to come on the earth plane, now the point comes as if those reasons are not fulfilled then why does the physical body dies?

As said in the BIBLE - The body is the temple of the soul. This says all and nothing is left. the physical body is just a carrier of the soul for his movement in this Physical Earth. As Jesus said that this physical body is the Temple so do we care about the temple or are we more connected with the material outside.

This carelessness towards the temple leads towards the deterioration of the physical body which on the frame of time decays and at the end comes to a position where it cannot fulfill the criteria for the evolution of the soul.

Our ancient sage did many a things to preserve the physical body and take proper care of it with all the respect so that the decay process is delayed and they can complete the task of the soul in a single incarnation and do not have to come back and take a new body to move ahead.

If we see around us, we would find people taking the physical body towards the end via addiction and bad conduct on a very rapid phase and this indeed if we see has actually increased the number of natural deaths of the physical body compared to what we can check statistically few years back.

So what is the motto that remains in today's world...... preservation of the physical body as this is the carrier of the soul which is the actual truth. We can help the divine soul who has actually blessed the physical us by taking or choosing this body as the carrier on this plane.

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