Wednesday, July 22, 2009


How much do we know about the nature? There is no day that has passed that a new discovery is not made, does that mean we just know a drop out of the huge ocean that is still hiding somewhere around us.

In the past we have heard people saying "though we have eyes but we cannot see" what does this mean. In the past when people used to say that they can see and sense something beyond the physical body we used to treat them as evil persons and put them behind bars or kill them. They were treated as paranormal personalities.
After the great discovery by KIRLIAN we came to know about the existence of the energy body and then removed this subject out of the paranormal subject.

So what did Kirlian discovered and what was the meaning of the old saying that is written above.

AURA - This is a kind of shield that is around the physical body of any object known or unknown. Starting from the smallest atom to the greatest mountain, everything has a energy pattern around them. This is a vibration field that is there around which protects the physical body and also is the channel of communication with the higher worlds.

By the above sentence the people actually meant that they are not able to see the AURA as they physical eyes are not developed to the stage which can see beyond the physical existence of the body.

The point that differentiate the aura of a living and a non living being is that the aura around the living body changes time to time depending on the mental ability, the though process and the environment where as the aura around a non living being remain the same and does not change frequently. The aura or the energy around a non living being like a crystal can be changed by the power of intention.

Going ahead for the aura around the living being or a living human, we can say that actually there are seven layer of this energy body and just not one.
1. Etheric Body - ROOT CHAKRA

2. Emotional Body - SACRAL CHAKRA

3. Mental Body - SOLAR PLEX CHAKRA

4. Astral Body - HEART CHAKRA

5. Etheric Temple - THROAT CHAKRA

6. Celestial Body - AJNA CHAKRA (BROW CENTER)

7. Causal Body - CROWN CHAKRA

It is seen that as the layer of aura increase the vibration increases and the energy patters goes from subtle to subtler.

There is a very known field in alternate medication that has evolved today is the AURA READING which gives the complete analysis of the person and any kind of ailments he would be going across or are expected to arrive.

We have forgotten the art of seeing that is beyond the scope of the physical eye and are putting them under the category of paranormal manifestations.

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