Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remembrance and Ignorance

The two words(Remembrance and Ignorance) that can create a temple of peace or dig a grave inside you.
Now coming to a broader look on the two words, one by one, keeping the spiritual aspect in mind what would be the description.

Remembrance : To remember the divine and his creation at anytime during any phase of the life.

Ignorance : Be sceptical of the divine and his creation and his method of working.

Does the definition perfect the way it is above or there is something missing? Let me pen down a small story to make things a bit clearer.

Once upon a time two devotee of SAI BABA made up their mind to go to the holy place of SHIRDI. During that time there were no vehicles so they had to walk till the holy destination. During the journey they came to know that one person is a very poor being in this incarnation and struggle very hard to earn his leaving and the second one is a very rich person with all the comforts under his belt.
The only thing that was similar was the devotion towards SAI.
During the journey at a place the poor guy suddenly hit himself against a sharp stone and tore open his foot.The rich guy did not bothered to help him though they were on the same journey.
Moving little ahead they saw many gold coins and as the poor was not able to walk so the rich guy ran and collected all of them leaving none for the poor guy though the rich guy already had a lot.

Before retiring to bed the poor guy prayed to SAI and asked him what justice is this? The rich has got more richness and i got the pain?

During the phase of sleep, the poor guy had a dream of SAI and heard him explain the matter.

SAI said in the last incarnation you had collected many bad karma and the result of which was that you were to die today, but since your devotion towards me (divine) is so strong that death came in the form of pain and for the RICH guy he has a bundle of good karma from his last incarnation but as his devotion towards material is more he got few coins where in he was supposed to get a kingdom.

From the above story we can add to the above definition a single word that is "FAITH".
Remembrance is actually the FAITH(blind) in the divine and his actions.
Ignorance is actually the lack of FAITH(not even blind) in the divine and his actions.

There is a quote penned down by me few days back that i would like to share:


It is the IGNORANCE of the self that make us frame questions to GOD as what is this? as we actually do not REMEMBER that all is planned for the betterment of the self.

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