Monday, July 27, 2009

Suffer in Silence

The first lesson that we are made to learn on the path of oneness with divine is "Suffer in Silence". The great saints and the masters have always practiced and preached this lesson......
Do we have any idea as what does these 3 beautiful words making a sentence means ACTUALLY.

If we say that a person has a deadly disease and he does not say that to anyone and dies.... that is he is actually suffering the burn of the disease in silence.... does this means that this is the lesson of spirituality and the other person who rings ups the world that he is infected and is about to die due to a particular disease is not the person on the path of spirituality? (A BIG QUESTION)

Now coming to a point where i would like to discuss as what this could be, i would like to share something on what could be the actual meaning of the word SUFFER or SUFFERING. Is this a event that is created by GOD, the PARABRAHMA, the creator of all, the father to everything then can we digest the opinion that a creator, a father can produce an event called SUFFERING for his child? (ANOTHER QUESTION MARK)

In a house where i am a spectator a child is slapped by his mother, what would pass across my mind at that very moment is.... "The child is suffering...." this came to me without i knowing the reason why the event happened, thus i created suffering for the child. The actual reason behind the slap was the child did not do well in the exams. The reason came bit late to me but i did the destruction and created the event of SUFFER.
Thus it is not GOD who created this event, but it is I (we) who created this unknowingly....

The child who was slapped did not revolted and kept a silence..... as he knew it was his mistake and he need to learn something that he has missed out the last time, or learn something new..... does this not match with the topic of discussion..... (SUFFER IN SILENCE)

If the child would have been of the adamant type would he have kept his silence, though he cannot slap back his mother but his revolt would have come in other form where in he might give up study and would be happy to be re slapped in his next exam.....

The actual MASTERS say..... when you get suffering in the path of LIFE it has a simple meaning..... We are yet to learn something that we are missing out.......

If the Child would have studies his subjects properly he would have cleared the exam and there would have been no suffering in form of a slap from his mother.

This does not mean that GOD slaps us when ever we do not learn the subject properly, he would try to show us what we need to learn in some other form...
- A child has a bitter relation with his father/mother which is causing a state of suffering in his/her life (child need to learn who parents are)
- A couple do not gel up perfectly with each other (they need to learn sharing and oneness)
- A student fails in the exam (he need to learn the subject properly)
The list goes on and on.

Thus it is not that a person should keep quite if he has a disease and suffer in silence but the actual meaning to it is to learn as in what made the disease effect him and left him in the state of DIS-EASE.


Balaji said...

Good one Rohit

Sunflower said...

I am not as much sure God wants us to suffer, but yes suffer is a test, test of our minds...when we are detached and have faith whatever happens is for our goodness there should be no suffer.
Suffer is a creation of our minds which need to be trained.
Thank you for this deep meaningful post.