Friday, July 31, 2009

Energy Chakra

Today i would like to take you all with me in the internal path of human design system. If we look around us we find that what every that is moving has some system that makes it move, see the wheels of the automobile or high escalators- they all move as they are fitted with some mechanically designed bearings(wheels) which actually are responsible for the smooth movement of everything.
So have we every sat and though as what is it that is there within us that makes us move so smoothly around.... comparing us with the mechanical structures does it means we also have some bearings that make the movement happen?
The answer to the same is YES, the bearings that are there in the physical us is called as CHAKRA, though it is not implanted within the physical body.

CHAKRA is a word that is derived from the sanskrit word - CHAKRAM which means a moving wheel or disc. In english these are called as the spinning vortex. According to the traditional Indian medicine system these chakra exist in the etheric double of a man and these are considered as the focal point for the reception and transmission of the energies. It is said by the old textures and even by the new spiritual gurus that these chakras interact with the ductless endocrine glands and the lymphatic system of the body.

They are seven major chakras but some textures talk about ten/eleven major chakras also. There are many minor chakras present which helps in other movements of the body such as the palms of hands, body joints and the eyes and ears etc.

I would like to discuss the major seven chakra here leaving the other chakras for future.

1. The Root chakra (Muldhara) : at sacrum/coccyx

2. The second chakra (Svadhisthana): between the NAVEL and the pubic bone

3. The third or solar plexus chakra (Manipura) : between sternum and navel

4. The hearth chakra (Anahata) : middle of sternum

5. The throat chakra (Vissudha) : Throat area

6. The third eye (Ajna) : between eyebrows

7. The crown chakra (Sahasara) : at top of head

These are the seven main chakra and the position on the etheric double of a man.

According to the ancient scriptures there are BEEJ (seed) mantra that are associated with every chakra.

1. The Root chakra (Muldhara) : LAM

2. The second chakra (Svadhisthana) : VAM

3. The third or solar plexus chakra (Manipura): RAM

4. The hearth chakra (Anahata) : YAM

5. The throat chakra (Vissudha): HAM

6. The third eye (Ajna) : OM

7. The crown chakra (Sahasara) : (Silence-Peace )

This is a vital essence of life that is forgotten in the pace of life and if this system is followed and understood it would not be difficult to keep away the disease and stress from life.

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